Covid & Insurance

Covid & Insurance

While Covid19 has swept the world off its feet, it has wreaked havoc for individuals and businesses. There are also some confusion regarding both personal and business insurance policies about the coverage of a pandemic. Here we answer few concerns:

Question: Does my health insurance provide cover for Covid19 ?

A : Yes it does.

Most policies do not carry the pandemic exclusions, also the Dubai Health Authority has made the cover mandatory and no insurer is allowed to deny treatment for Covid19. The coverage would be within the scope of the policy terms and conditions.

Question: Does my life insurance cover Covid19 ?

A : Yes it does.

A death due to Covid19 is considered as a natural death, by most life insurance companies.

Question: Does my Loss of Profits / Business Interruption Insurance cover Covid19 ?

A : Unfortunately, it does not.

The Business Interruption / Loss of Profits policy is normally sold in conjunction with a property policy. The trigger on this policy is damage. In the case of Covid19, there is no physical damage to any property.

Even the Denial of Access extension carries the same trigger, i.e. damage to a property nearby restricting access to insured site Please note that the above is generic information, please refer to your actual policy contract or your insurance broker to get guidance specific to your situation.

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