Which car insurance is best for you

Which car insurance is best for you

In the UAE, having a Car Insurance is mandatory by RTA, which needs to be renewed every year. It also protects the vehicle owner from huge costs that arise from accidents and damages. It is important to understand the types of motor insurance and which one is what you require.

Comprehensive Insurance

This is an all-encompassing car insurance that has a wider protection shield. It will cover you irrespective of who was at fault in a car accident (yourself or driver of the other car), and pays for the damages to the car. It also covers damages due to theft, vandalism or natural causes. Comprehensive Car Insurance is expensive than other insurance because of what it covers.

Third Party Liability:

In an accident, if the driver of the other car is at fault, this insurance will get you covered for any damages to the vehicle. In case you were at fault, then you would need to bear the costs of any repairs. Even though Third Party Car Insurance is cheaper than Comprehensive Motor Insurance, it doesn’t give you total protection.

Things to consider when you are buying Motor Insurance:

There are few add-ons that you may consider which come at an additional cost yet can be critical to your requirements:

Car Rental: When you vehicle is at garage, you can get a rent-a-car for a specific duration from your insurance, which is an add-on facility.

Accident Cover: Motor Insurance also covers the driver & passengers in an accident for medical emergencies.

Roadside Assistance: In case of car breakdown on road, there would be a recovery vehicle that would come to you, whether it’s for fueling, battery charge or towing.

Agency Repair: Agency Garage are the official garages of the brands which provide original parts. Though most insurances have premium garages enlisted, if you still want to give your car only to Agency garage, then do check with your insurance agent to have this in your policy.

GCC Coverage: For those who love road trips and drive to Oman or other countries in GCC, then you must consider this add-on, as it covers you in those territories as well.